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Carbon Black

Our offer to the Carbon Black Industry

  • Green field plants. Concept, equipment design, installation, commissioning and start up.
  • Rubber and Specialty applications carbon black
  • Investment projects. New production lines or specific projects.
  • Equipment design and know how
  • Training of Operators and Engineers on Carbon Black equipment and efficient manufacturing
  • Technical assessment and recommendations for optimum performance and minimum cost
  • Process optimization for high efficiency and minimum cost
  • Energy recovery and savings
  • Quality management and control
  • Feedstock and other raw materials evaluation and optimization
  • Environmental emissions and control techniques
  • Manuals, procedures and documentation
  • Efficient lean and HPO (High Performance) organization
  • Medium and long term support and expertise collaboration
  • 36 years of experience in the carbon black industry
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Exclusive and advanced Carbon Black Engineering software, specially developed for the Carbon Black manufacturing industry.

Quality Systems & SPC  

Our offer in the area of Quality and SPC (Statistical Process Control)

  • On-site Statistical Process Control (SPC) training, supported by the powerful Stat-SPC© software-specific, tailored to your needs
  • On-Site ISO 9001-2008 training, supported by comprehensive Documentation Management System ISO-DMS© software-specific (In preparation)
  • Support in the evaluation or implementation of complete Quality Management Systems and ISO 9001 certification included required computer software
  • Audits of your existing Quality Systems aimed to the continuous improvement of your quality, systems and in preparation for ISO certification audits QST can also provide software, training, design and support tailored to your needs!
  • Consulting on your Quality System, Organization, Methods and Procedures based on the High Performance Organization (HPO) principles aimed at a lean, cost efficient organization

Specific and powerful Stat-SPC© software, specially developed for Quality Control, Monitoring and Analysis and Statistical Process Control (SPC).

    These services are provided anywhere in the world in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese

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