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  Stat-SPC software installation
1 • Download the Stat-SPC software (free fully operational version, 30 days free evaluation)  
2 •
Unzip the downloaded Stat-SPC.zip file (it contains four files)  
• Stat-SPC.CAB  
• setup.exe  
• Readme.txt  
3 • Execute the setup.exe file (follow the instructions during installation)    
4 • After installation, the following icon will be created on your desktop Stat-SPC.exe
5 • Open the Stat-SPC.exe file. During the free evaluation period, the program will execute without the need of any License key Evaluation
6 •
After the free evaluation period you will be asked to enter the:  
Company name (As written in the Software Order form)  
Serial number (Provided by QST after the payment of the software)  
License key (Provided by QST after the payment of the software)  
7 • The software will be permanently unlocked for that specific PC, showing the icon Licensed
8 • The same Stat-SPC.zip file and the same procedure should be used to install the software in the other PCs under the same Company name up to the limit of your license    
9 • During the evaluation period, the software can also be unlocked by clicking the mouse on the icon and then entering the Company name, Serial number and License key License key
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5 • Make the initial payment as indicated in the invoice  
6 • A Payment Confirmation will be sent by e-mail    
  Ordering Software
1 • Download software (free fully operational version)  
2 • Install the software in your PCs (30 days free evaluation)  
3 • Fill up the Software order form and submit  
4 • Make the payment
5 • You will receive by e-mail the software serialnumber & license key within 24 hours  
6 • Introduce your Company name, software serial number & license key (only the first time)  
7 • You will receive an invoice    
X - R Control Chart
Software specific for Data collecting, Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Data analysis

The Stat-SPC© is a user friendly whereas powerful software designed for most of the Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Statistical Techniques required for the real-time manual and automatic Quality Control Monitoring and Analysis of all types of Industries as well as post-analysis and is presented in four different configurations:

  • Light SPC & Statistical Techniques + Serial Port data reading + USB port data acquisition
  • Standard SPC & Statistical Techniques
  • Standard & Statistical Techniques + Data reading thru the PC Serial port (scales, weight machines, gauges, etc.)
  • Standard & Statistical Techniques + Serial Port data reading + USB port data acquisition (on line 4-20 mA, 0-5 V signal devices reading)

and four different languages, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, selectables from within the software, plus one user defined language


Supported Control Charts
• Individuals (X-R)
• Averages (Xbar-R)
• Moving Averages (Xbar-R)
• Median (Median-R)
• Averages-s (Xbar-s)
• Attributes (np)
• Attributes (p)
• Attributes (c)
• Attributes (u)
Statistical Calculations
• Average
• Standard deviation (σ)
• Maximum, Minimum values
• Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk, Cpu, Cpl, Cpm
• Variation coefficient
• Z values
• Proportion out of specifications
• Control Limits
Correlation & Regression
• Scatter diagrams
• Stratification
• Simple Linear Regression
• Quadratic Regression
• Best fit Correlation lines
• Correlation coefficients
• Coefficient of determination
• Standard error calculations
• Out of control points
Metrological Control for weights
Metrological charts with alarms
• Metrological compliance
• Metrological calculations
• Metrological recommendations
• Simulations
Statistical Tools & Utilities
• Data Query
• Data export to Microsoft® Excel©
• Data import from Excel© (.xls)
• Random numbers generator
• Statistical distributions analysis
Data files utilities
• Automatic or manual back up
• Password protected data files
• Password protected functions
Database files
• Microsoft® Access 2000© main database files (free)
• Random access Stat-SPC© specific files
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